Kewpie Extra Raosted Goma Sesame Dressing 170 g


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This is a glass bottle of creamy and thick salad dressing with a rich flavor of roasted sesame seeds.

Country : Japan

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This particular item is a creamy dressing that has a rich sesame taste to it. It goes well on salads, noodles (as a dipping sauce), vegetables and meat.

How To Enjoy
-Fresh green salad with goma dressing – pour the sauce all over the dish for an exquisite taste!
-Kara-age and vegetables mixed together goma dressing = delicious meal.
-Mix together ramen noodles and fresh vegetables. Add this sesame sauce and there will be a wonderful flavor you have never experienced before.

vegetable oil, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, sesame, spice extract, shiitake mushroom, salt, seasoning (amino acid, monosodium glutamate), egg yolk, powdered yeast extract, thickener, sweetener


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