Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce 150 ml


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Dark soy sauce is used on different foods to give them a rich salty flavor.

Country: The Netherlands
Contains soybeans, alcohol, wheat

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Dark soy is suitable for any kinds of Japanese foods as well as a dipping sauce for sushi. It gives a rich salty flavor to dishes.

How To Enjoy
Soy sauce is essential. Without it, it’s not possible to create authentic Japanese flavor.
-Mix with wasabi to create a dip for sushi and sashimi.
-Hiyayakko – Fresh tofu with soy sauce (chopped green onion and grated ginger on tofu makes it even better).
-Tamagokakegohan – Boiled Japanese rice with a raw egg on top seasoned with soy sauce.
-Use in all kinds of dishes such as soups, stir-fries, sauces (teriyaki, tsuyu) etc


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