Tanaka Furikake Seasoning Wasabi 20 g


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Furikake is a lightly salted Japanese condiment. This product has a flavor of wasabi.

Country: Japan

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Furikake is a lightly salted Japanese condiment that is generally sprinkled over cooked white rice or Japanese rice balls called onigiri, but not limited to these. It’s as commonplace in Japan as salt and pepper is in America.

sesame, salt, sugar, daikon leaf, nori seaweed, mackerel flake, wheat flour, lactose, starch, glucose, wasabi stalk, rice oil, fermented seasoning, powdered whole egg, soy sauce, powdered wasabi, amino acid liquid, powdered egg yolk, dextrin, soy bean protein, calcium from whey, mizuame sweetener, matcha green tea, hydrolyzed protein, mirin rice wine, onion, yeast extract, seasoning (amino acids), flavouring, colouring (red yeast rice, carotenoid, turmeric, safflower yellow), leavening agent, acidulant


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