Yamato Sweet-Seasoned Fried Tofu (Inariage) 12 pcs / 250 g


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This packet contains ten sheets of pre-cooked tofu, ready to be stuffed and turned into the famous “inari sushi”.

Country: Japan

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A pack of sweet fried tofu which is used to make a type of sushi called inarizushi. The name of this treat comes from a Japanese god called Inari who supposedly is a huge fan of tofu.

How To Enjoy
These fried tofu snacks are pocket-size and ready-to-use.
-Soak in hot water to remove excess oil.
-Prepare sushi rice.
-Add sushi rice to the “pocket” of the tofu and serve.
-Add sesame seeds for extra flavor.

ingredients: fried soybean curd, saccharide, soy sauce, sweet sake, amino acid e621, citric acid e330


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